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Fully Autonomous Robotic Vehicle and Teleoperation technology for Offroad Utility Vehicles, Tractors, Construction Machinery Mining and Agricultural Machinery

At the forefront of Industry 4.0 - Fully Autonomous Robotic Vehicle & Drone Platforms

IMACHINE have developed a state of the art Fully Autonomous Robotic Vehicle and Teleoperation technology for Offroad Utility Vehicles, Tractors, Construction Machinery and Agricultural Machinery. We have engineered a highly reliable and safe autonomous Rover, AGV/UGV System, battery system and autonomous charge coupling (docking) system, these machines are 100% electric and Zero Emissions. Optional Diesel engine platforms, such as the Tracbot (Robotic Crawler Tractor) are available for capital purchase, robotics as a service (RAAS) and systems integration projects.


iMachine's Australian Designed and Made range of intelligent, modular autonomous Rover, AGV/UGV Systems, has a full suite of tightly integrated industrial grade electronics, software and equipment, including:

  • Ultra long range radio connectivity and satellite backhaul;

  • Real-time payload automation and vehicle teleoperation;

  • On board Edge Computing with industrial grade Real-time controller and software for high speed navigation, inertial control, motor and steering control;

  • Precision fusion GPS, IMU, AHRS, LiDAR and stereoscopic vision system guidance;

  • 4 x high resolution cameras (front, left and right sides and rear);

  • Under carriage camera (for viewing ground or underneath the vehicle for in mission camera inspections);

  • High level of safety and a complete robotics mission control platform;

  • Weatherproof IP55 rating (or higher as needed);

  • Zero turn (360deg turning on axis) or more precision steering systems available;

  • Large 200AH 56VDC Lithium (LiFePO4) Battery system for run time of 8+ hours with a full payload of up to 200kg;

  • Multiple payload options;

  • Smaller and larger scale platforms available to suit application requirements;

  • Mission Control and Planning software for complex mission setup and automation;

  • Several layers of safety systems to ensure the machine operates safely and securely;

  • Highly available spare parts and back to base support.

The all electric AGV/UGV platform is highly adaptable to can be utilised for fully autonomous vehicle, rover or utility applications in a wide array of use cases, including mining operations and exploration, agriculture and grounds keeping, long range industrial inspection missions.

iMachine's service offering can augment a industrial, mining, agriculture and construction operations, freeing up workers for more important tasks, that reduces time spent on lower level tasks that are traditionally handled by machine operators in the field.


Expert Industrial Drone Mapping & Inspection Services

Pioneers of safely flying drones and controlling robotic inspection rovers in and near Hazardous Areas

iMACHINE's team are experts with inspection, gas and leak detection, 2D mapping and 3D modelling of plants and assets for Hazardous Areas, utilising the latest drone, rover and ground based technologies, in conjunction with our innovative drone/robotic remote control and gas safety system.

Drones for Industrial Facilities and Hazardous Areas - Autonomous or Augmented Piloted Drone Missions for Asset Inspection, 2D Mapping and 3D Modelling

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