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Innovative Battery Research, Development & Manufacturing

iMachine's range of modular battery system manufacturing, electronic hardware and software solutions have been customised and applied to meet the evolving needs of robotics, the renewable energy, EV and battery energy storage applications and suit the needs of many custom Lithium battery applications.


The Modular BMS and lithium-ion, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) and Lithium Titanate (LTO) systems, which our team have been designing, prototyping and manufacturing for many years allows us to rapidly design and build custom smart battery modules and packs, without the associated costs that would typically be expected.

Our experience in the complete end to end research and development process of electronic hardware design, embedded software, firmware, energy storage systems, lithium battery autonomous charging/discharging management, automatic battery cooling and temperature control systems, safety and assembly, allows our team to provide a full product design and development. Applications range from small, ultra efficient IoT batteries, up to 1500AH electric vehicle applications. Daytech and the iMachine team are experts in Lithium Ion battery technology, which is why the industry has turned to us for auditing companies such as Tesla and Sonnen for 3rd party compliance and safety validation.

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