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Industrial Automation, Hazardous Areas, Field Robotics, Process and Machine Control Projects - Modular and Streamlined

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Innovation at every stage through Streamlined Platform Modularisation and Eco-system thinking.

iMACHINE's range of modular robotics platforms, electronic hardware and software solutions can be customised to meet the evolving needs of many custom applications for industry. iMACHINE's Modular Robotics Control Platform and Industrial IoT Core allows us to leverage many years of work, without the associated costs and customise the hardware, software and firmware to new or unique requirements. Combined with specialised Hazardous Areas (Explosive Environment) knowledge, allows iMACHINE's team to develop custom solutions for challenging applications.


Our experience in the combination of traditional PLC/HMI/SCADA and telemetry systems, combined with our state of the art electronic hardware design, embedded software, firmware, middleware (RTOS / AI / ML / Neural Networks), wireless transceivers, LoRaWAN, Zigbee, 3G/4G M2M and full stack IoT integration, robotics and autonomous vehicle navigation systems (GPS / LiDAR / Vision Systems / Ultrasonic / SLAM), allows our team to provide a full turnkey service for Industry 4.0.


We have a strong understanding of the rules and regulations and can also offer compliance services to assist in the process of compliance auditing, design reviews and compliance certifications for electronic hardware and communication products.

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