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Welcome to IMACHINE. We are a proud Australian engineering research, development, manufacturing and engineering consulting company. IMACHINE is a privately owned division of Daytech Pty Ltd, operated by a team of qualified engineers, scientists and technologists.
Since 2015, we have been researching, developing and manufacturing state of the art Hazardous Areas Equipment, Wireless Sensor Networks, Industrial IoT hybrid Automation systems, Robotics and Autonomous Vehicle Technologies for Industry. Since then we have launched a range of technology platforms including the IMACHINE Robotics & Autonomous Vehicle Edge Computing Platform, the Wireless SmartPower Batteries, the IoT-SmartNode range of Edge Computers, wireless remote control, smart sensing and monitoring nodes and IMACHINE's Envision Industrial IoT software platform.
These advanced platforms augment complex projects and empower our customers with reliable and robust Robotics and Drones for automated inspection and, Industrial IoT, process control, environmental monitoring, remote equipment control and off-grid equipment systems. We are leading the charge in Australia for robotics and drone applications in Hazardous Areas and harsh environments.
Our technology has been successfully deployed in a wide range of applications, including Mining, Food & Beverage, Agriculture, HVAC, Hydrogeological Science, Water Treatment, Energy Generation and many more. We have exported our products to 11 different countries around the world. Our warehousing, workshop, laboratory, distribution and office facilities are located in Adelaide, South Australia.


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Luke J Day

(Principal I&C Engineer | Technical Director)

21 years experience in automation, software and process control systems engineering. Deep systems architecture capability and innovative high tech product development expertise. Degree qualified Industrial Automation Engineer with a dual instrument & electrical trade background. Passionate about Robotics, Industrial loT and Hazardous Areas Technologies.

Engineering and Production

Assembly and Engineering Work_edited.jpg

Our team of multidisciplinary R&D Engineers, Hardware, Software, Firmware Developers and Technicians:

  • 2 Senior Embedded Engineers (34 years experience combined),

  • 1 Senior Cloud and Front End Software Development engineers (14 years experience), 

  • 1 Mechanical Engineer, 2 Electrical/Electronics Engineers,

  • 2 factory/assembly and manufacturing technicians.


Project and Services Team

(iMACHINE's Supervisor & Project Manager)

Highly regarded experts in Industrial Electrical & Communications Projects, our team have over 40 years of combined experience, both in the field and in the corporate project management environments. We are able to lead teams of multidisciplinary engineers and trades, from concept design, through construction, commissioning and asset life cycle.

Alexis K.jpg

Alexis Kotlowy

(Senior Electronics Technical Officer)

Keen eye for detail and inspired by Automation and IoT. Loves building and testing complex electronic hardware, firmware and software. Special interest and decades of experience in retro computing, deep hands-on embedded electronics experience, down to bare metal and below. Ensures all hardware is top notch and R&D continues to drive forward.

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