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Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls - Compliance, Calibration & Equipment Inspection Services

Checking the Temperature

Equipment inspection, calibration and compliance services, particularly in complex industrial environments, are not just a tick and flick exercises. You need competent and experienced experts who take safety and efficiency very seriously and have a high attention to detail with your particular plant and process.

IMACHINE's team of engineers and technicians have a wealth of hands on engineering and application experience. With decades of combined years in the industry, we understand the Australian Standards, rules a regulations. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and follow up communication, building strong relationships with our clients that go the distance.


Our experience in the complete end to end research and development of industrial sensors, communications, BMS, Batteries, electrical power systems, EEHA, machine safety, instrumentation and control allow us to provide a high end array of services for preventative maintenance and compliance.

IMACHINE can provide qualified instrument and system calibrations for the following:

  • Distance and Level measurement specialists, including product selection, installation, and commissioning.

  • Plant commissioning and plant re-commissioning.

  • Weightometer (Belt Weigher) Calibrations

  • Pressure Calibration

  • Flow Calibration (Flowmeter verification, flow meter surveys using clamp-on meters)

  • Density Calibration

  • Temperature Calibration

  • Control Valve Calibration

  • Positioner Calibration

  • Mass Flow Meter Calibration

  • Analytical Instrument Calibration, such as pH Transmitters, EC Transmitters and Water Quality Transmitters

  • I/P Calibrations

  • GPS positioning systems

  • LiDAR with 2D and 3D scanning systems for various applications including mobile robotics

  • Safety Scanners, laser scanners, barcode scanners, laser distance instruments

  • Traceable calibration certificates issued for each item.

IMACHINE's team can provide qualified Process Control Systems and EEHA Engineers for the following:

  • Process control and Automation Systems Compliance, HAZOP, Risk Assessment and Auditing;

  • Industrial IoT, Edge Computing, PLC & SCADA Systems Integration assistance;

  • Wireless Telemetry and Mesh Network systems in Hazardous or Non-hazardous Areas;

  • AS/NZS 4024 series - Electrical Safe Guarding of Machinery Risk Assessment and Auditing;

  • Electronic hardware compliance and assistance with RCM in addition to Electrical Safety;

  • Embedded software and Edge Computing System Development and Compliance; 

  • Microcontroller firmware Development and Compliance;

  • IC and chip selection and integration;

  • Solar battery charging and MPPT;

  • Energy storage systems compliance and battery safety;

  • Lithium battery charging/discharging management;

  • Automatic battery cooling and temperature control systems;

  • System safety and installation compliance audits;

  • RF compliance reviews and assistance;

  • EMC compliance reviews and assistance;

  • Instrument and Control System compliance;

  • Safety Instrumented Systems (SIL);

  • Intrinsic safety design and compliance;

  • AS/NZS 60079 series - EEHA (Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas);

We have a strong understanding of Australian Standards, rules and regulations and can also offer complete compliance services to assist in the process of compliance auditing, design reviews and specific compliance certifications for electronic hardware, wireless systems, RF devices, battery energy storage, solar/wind energy, intrinsically safe devices, EEHA and communication products.

Whether you need a third party auditor, routine EEHA inspections or instrument calibrations, a trusted supplier of equipment complying to Australian Standards, or something more custom, from Proof of Concept through to high volume manufacture and lifecycle support, IMACHINE are your trusted partner in industry.


Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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