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Blue-collar workers

IMACHINE offers a range of modern Industrial Robotics, Mobile Robotics, Vision Systems and Factory Automation hardware and software technologies.

Industrial Fixed and Mobile Robots - Fully programmed for your requirements


We provide you with:

  • Conventional robots from manufacturers such as OMRON, Mitsubishi, ABB, KUKA, Kawasaki, Fanuc or any provider of your choice

  • Vision Systems and Robotic Vision from a wide range of suppliers.

  • Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Autonomous Mobile Robotics (AMRs) and Autonomous Forklift Systems.

  • IMACHINE's own range of robotics hardware and software for custom off-road field robotics and UGVs (Unmanned Guided Vehicles).

Robots supplied by IMACHINE will be correctly specified, meeting relevant safety standards and can be supplied preprogramed and ready to go.

Our decades of experience in automation means we'll tailor the right robot to meet your specific technical and operational requirements.

Factory Automation, Robotic Cell Safety, Packaging and Assembly Line Supply & Systems Integration

  • Fixed 5, 6 and 7 axis Articulated Robotics, Cobots, Parallel Robotics, Custom Robotics Solutions

  • Mobile Robots, AMR, AGV, Autonomous Forklift Solutions

  • Indoor and Outdoor Robotic Navigation and Guidance Systems, Unmanned Guided Vehicle (UGV) packages and upgrade integration systems

  • LiDAR, Laser, SLAM, Radar, Ultrasonic, Vision Systems and Camera Based Navigation

  • Object Detection and Collision Avoidance Hardware Systems and Software

  • Quality Control, Robotic Vision and Inspection Systems

  • Automation Systems, Process Control System design and systems integration - PLC, HMI, RTU, SCADA

  • ELV and LV Control system design and electrical CAD drafting

  • Instrumentation system design, selection, industrial fieldbus networks and field control wiring design

  • Auditing of end of life and legacy control and instrumentation systems, planning and advisory consulting for upgrades and migrations

  • Motor Control, Brushless DC (BLDC), Stepper Motors, Servo Motors, AC/DC Soft Starters and Variable Speed Drives (VSD / VFD / VVVF Drive): motor control system design, supply, configuration and commissioning

  • Industrial Communication Networks Design and Supply - Fibre Optic, Copper Ethernet, Wireless Ethernet, Radio Communications, Wireless Sensing

  • Edge Computing and IIoT - Wireless Sensor Networks, Remote Access and Control, Remote Monitoring, Dashboards, Business Logic, Integration

  • Vehicle, Worker, Machine, Mobile Machinery, Environmental, Geotechnical and Process Data remote monitoring and integration to control systems

  • Plant safety, redundancy, control philosophy and functional specification development

  • Electrical Safeguarding of Machinery - Emergency Stop, Emergency Shutdown, Light Curtains, Safety Scanners - AS/NZS4024

  • Integrated Safety; inclusive of SRS development, SIL assessments and SIF definition and programming

  • Turn-key instrumentation and control systems hardware and software solutions; inclusive of design, equipment supply, software development, manufacture, installation, testing and commissioning

  • Software system configuration, programming, testing and commissioning System testing (FAT, SAT, UAT)

  • Vehicle payload and vehicle to process automation - load in/load out systems, gantry systems, mobile machinery automation systems

  • Process optimisation, system performance monitoring and improvement, analytics and predictive systems

  • Operating and maintenance training, user and operations manual documentation

  • Site Services - Breakdowns, Plant Turnarounds, Operations and Maintenance support

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