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Rugged, modular and powerful automation solutions for industry. IMACHINE deliver cost effective solutions to meet your unique needs.

WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS & IioT for monitoring & control

IMACHINE's industrial Wireless Sensor Network platform allows our clients to monitor processes and conditions, control, automate and optimise their assets, equipment and vehicles in real-time over the web or on premise. A range of hardware options including Certified IECEx Hazardous Areas equipment.

remote operations for workers, vehicles & process

Transform your operations, connecting vehicles, workers, equipment and processes wirelessly, with iMACHINE''s secure end to end platform. Be empowered with real time remote monitoring, tracking and visualisation. Monitor, control and automate mobile machinery, remote plant and processes, improving safety & efficiency.

mobile robotics SPECIALISTS

IMACHINE were founded with a vision to revolutionise robotics in Australian. We are experts in mobile and industrial robotics systems and have invested several million dollars into advancing robotics technologies through state of the art outdoor navigating UGVs and Off-road Autonomous Vehicle systems.


Picture this: your once disconnected and potentially hazardous industrial site transformed into an immersive, efficient, and safe environment for you and your team.


Imagine being able to securely manage operations seamlessly from your office or even the comfort of your home, obtaining better work-life balance, while achieving optimal results on-site. This is the power of the iMachine Platform and we have been successfully empowering our clients with cutting edge IIoT, automation and process control technologies for over 6 years.

iMachine Central is more than just a platform— it's a game-changer for mission critical mining, quarry, waste and energy operations, providing maximum visibility, unification of assets and real-time automation.


By seamlessly connecting managers, workers, vehicles, machinery, processes, and environmental data in real-time, iMachine empowers you to take control of every aspect of your heavy industrial operational performance.

With iMachine's Platform, you'll experience:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: Streamline and debottleneck operations for people, vehicles and machinery, while maximising productivity with real-time insights and data-driven decision-making.

  2. Unparalleled Safety: Prioritize safety with proactive vehicle, worker and process monitoring, collision detection and avoidance, hazard alerts, and risk mitigation measures, keeping your team safe and secure at all times.

  3. Compliance Confidence: Stay ahead of environmental and safety regulatory requirements and ensure full compliance with industry standards, thanks to comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities.

  4. Lay the foundations for the drone and robotics revolution that lies ahead, roll out useful drone and rover operations, gaining experience for end to end autonomy.

Join the Industry 4.0 revolution with iMachine and unlock the full potential of your operation, while ensuring the well-being of your team and the sustainability of your operations.

"Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity, not a threat" - Steve Jobs

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